Me in a paragraph!

I’m a mother, a wife, a cleaner, a cook, a baker, a snot-nose wiper, and everything in between. There’s no real title, other than STAY AT HOME MOM.I hate the over use of Caps, love sarcasm,  and every now and then, I hide in the closet under the stairs just to get some peace and quiet! I live in a tiny village, somewhere in Ireland that is 5 minutes away from the beach. Originally from South Africa, I came over to visit family, but met my husband the first week I was here. His first words to me were, ‘Well she’s a cranky bitch!’ in reference to me, and we’ve been together ever since! I bake to relax and I write to empty the random thoughts in my head. This is me in a paragraph – over time you’ll learn more.

I also use my blog to vent about the ignorance associated with autism, since I am the parent of an autistic child.


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